About POGS

History & Mission


Proud Owners of Guinea pigs in Singapore (POGS) was founded as a social group in Facebook in June 2011 as there was a lack of information about proper care for guinea pigs locally at that time. This website and the Facebook group page are maintained by POGS as an avenue for the owners in Singapore to learn more about guinea pigs’ care and behaviour. They also serve to create more awareness about this wonderful pet which can be tiny yet big in terms of personality. To its growing number of members, POGS is, first and foremost, a support group which unites all the cavy owners in the island and allows them to share happy stories about their guinea pigs as well as provides support during the tougher times of illness and death.

Since 2011, POGS has been growing from strength to strength, thanks to members and volunteers working tirelessly to share information via the Facebook group and/or during public events such as Pets & Friends @ Serangoon CC (organised by People’s Association), PETAS Pet Show 2014 (organised by the Pet Enterprise & Traders Association in Singapore) and Paws & Fur Carnival (organised by Tanjong Pagar GRC & Radin Mas SMC). Through discussion and education, POGS hopes to minimise the cases of breeding and abandoned guinea pigs.



  • POGS has the welfare of all guinea pigs at heart, regardless of their breeds and physical appearances.
  • POGS does not condone breeding (placing male and female guinea pigs together resulting in the impregnation of the female pig on purpose) to avoid the risk of complications before/during/after birth as well as to prevent the increase in the number of guinea pigs that are being abandoned.
  • POGS encourages fostering/adoption whenever possible in order to provide as many abandoned guinea pigs with forever homes as possible.
  • POGS believes in reaching out to the public to ensure that more will be educated about proper cavy care to promote the welfare and well-being of guinea pigs in Singapore.
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