Event - POGS Gathering

POGS Gathering 2015 @Dog Dot Cafe

13th June 2015
Contributed by Wendy Lee


On 13 June 2015, we had our first mega gathering open for all members in POGS! 45 owners attended with 33 guinea pigs, making it the first time for all of us to be surrounded by so many adorable fluffballs! This is also the first time a guinea pig gathering is held in the comfort of the spacious and air-conditioned pet cafe, Dog Dot Cafe.

Upon arrival, the guinea pigs were treated to yummy vegetables and SPS Diamond Cut Hay sponsored by Petiscount, our official sponsor for the event. The guinea pigs had an enjoyable time meeting new friends and enjoying the abundance of food while the owners had a lovely afternoon taking pictures of all the cute guinea pigs as well as sharing tips/knowledge about how to care for guinea pigs. Looking forward to the next gathering!

Thank you Petiscount for sponsering the outing and Dog Dot Cafe for hosting.


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