Cavy Tips - Handling


Contributed by Catherine Chan


As guinea pigs are small and delicate animals, care is required when you are handling them to avoid injury.  Most guinea pigs do not like to be carried and it is often a game of chasing and cornering them to carry them out of their cages. Often they would struggle and wheek while you are carrying them. These techniques should help to ensure firm but gentle handling of the guinea pigs:


How to carry a guinea pig

1. Put one hand under the stomach while the other hand under the rump.

2. Gently scoop the guinea pig up with both hands.

3. Ensure that your hand is firmly wrapped around the guinea pig's stomach while its weight is supported by your other hand under the rump. I normally would like to stick my two fingers between their hind legs (as they have a tendency to kick while you are trying to carry them) to avoid scratching from their nails.

4. You can choose to slowly transfer the guinea pig to your preferred forehand and ensure that the other hand is firmly holding onto the guinea pig and close to your body to avoid accidental drop if he struggles suddenly.

5. Here is another to carry your guinea pig. Always ensure that the bottom is supported.

6. To return the guinea pig back to cage, always put their hind legs down first as they have the tendency to lurch forward once they smell their cage. This will prevent head injury.

7. Then gently lower the guinea pig to the floor.

8. Usually at this point, the guinea pig will quickly scramble away to hide in its hidey.

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