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Dangerous Medications to Avoid


All antibiotics will cause disturbance to the gut flora of a guinea pig, which can lead to poor/no appetite or soft stools. Do feed probiotics an hour or two after feeding antibiotics (eg. Baytril) to your guinea pig. 


List of medicines to avoid

Not all vets are cavy-savvy! Take note of the medications dispensed by the vet and do not feed any of the following to your guinea pig:

  •    amoxicillin (Clavamox)
  •    ampicillin
  •    bacitracin
  •    cefadroxil
  •    cephalexin * (derivative: Cefadroxil)
  •    cephalosporins
  •    cephazolin
  •    chlortetracycline
  •    clindamycin
  •    dihydrostreptomycin
  •    erythromycin
  •    lincomycin
  •    oxytetracycline
  •    penicillin
  •    streptomycin

Dangerous Medications reprinted with permission from GuineaLynx 

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