Cavy Tips - Medical Guide

Emergency Supplies Checklist

Contributed by Wendy Lee


Certain supplies can be stocked up as the first aid kit for the guinea pig, in case they get sick or injured in the middle of the night when all the vet clinics are closed. This is not a substitute for the medical attention they SHOULD and MUST get from the vet, but this will hopefully pull them through the night before the appointment at the vet.



NameFunctionWhere to get
Betadine (Provodine / Iodine)Antiseptic solution to disinfect cuts/wounds. Dilute with 40 parts of water to 1 part of Betadine before using.Local pharmacy
Critical Care (Oxbow)To feed the guinea pig when he / she stops eating due to pain, illness or loss of appetite due to antibiotics etc. You can ask for a smaller pack of 30 or 50 ml. Mix with 4 parts of water.Vet / Pet stores
DaktarinContains anti-fungal properties (Miconazole). Apply thinly on fungal spot. If there is no improvement after a few days, bring to the vet for fungal test.Local pharmacy
1ml syringeThe tip should be cut off and ensure no sharp edges before using. Use during force-feeding (Critical Care mixture or water) when guinea pig is not eating/drinking.Local pharmacy / vet
Revolution (kitten / puppy version only)For mites. Exact dosage can be determined via GuineaLynx's dosage calculator . Only use this if you know the exact weight of your guinea pigs.Pet stores / vet
Vitamin C (liquid or tablet)Good to give when guinea pig is feeling poorly. Helps to strengthen their immune system.Pet stores /  local pharmacy
Good to give an hour or two after feeding antibiotics to restore the guinea pig's gut flora.Pet stores/ local pharmacy
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oilGood to apply on dry feet/small open soresPet's Lover's Centre
Non-Adherent Dressing PadTo place on open sore before bandagingLocal pharmacy
Cohesive Elastic BandageTo secure the dressing pad on open sore. This bandage has adhesive so you do not need to use a separate tape to secure the bandage.Local pharmacy
Saline solutionSterile solution of sodium chloride (NaCl) which can be used to flush/clean wound Local pharmacy/Vet
Styptic Powder/
Corn Flour
To stop bleeding from accidental cut during nail trimmingStyptic Power - Pet's Lover's Centre
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