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About Oxbow Critical Care®

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Critical Care® is a premium recovery food which can be given to guinea pigs with poor appetite due to illness, surgery or poor nutritional status. It contains all the essential nutrients of a complete diet as well as high-fibre timothy hay to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I feed Critical Care?

Every 4 hours or as directed by your cavy-savvy vet.

How much should I feed Critical Care?

xx ml per feeding or as directed by your cavy-savvy vet.

My guinea pig doesn’t like Critical Care, what should I do?

You may try Critical Care Apple-Banana flavors. Alternatively, you can mix Critical Care with minced parsley, vegetables and carrots to add flavors. You can also add liquid Vit C or small amount of organic pure applesauce (ensure there is no added sugar, dairy products, etc) to enhance the taste and boost the appetite of your guinea pig.

Where to buy Critical Care?

Many pet shops in Singapore have Critical Care in stock. A smaller pack can be bought from veterinary clinics.

How much does a pack of Critical Care cost?

Critical Care’s price range is between SGD50+ to SGD 70+ for 454g pack.

Is there other ranges of Critical Care to choose from?

Critical Care is available in Anise and Apple-Banana Flavors and Fine Grind. For more information, check

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