Guinea Pigs


Contributed by Elaine Leong


Guinea pigs come in various breeds, colours and patterns. The most common breeds are the Short-haired, Crested, Abyssinian, Coronet, Peruvian and Sheltie (Silkie). However, there are also rare breeds such as Merino, Texel, Rex and the hairless breeds, Skinny and Baldwin.



Snickers - Owner: Urika Sia

Abyssinian, also known as Abby, belongs to one of the rough-coated breeds. Its coat is short and has 6 - 10 rosettes located symmetrically on its shoulders, side, back and bum. Abyssinian can come in any colours and patterns.


Mao Mao - Owner: Urika Sia

Peruvian is one of the long-haired breeds with smooth silky coat and  2 rosettes on their bums. Its most outstanding feature is its "forelock" that grows forward like a fringe. It has a parting down its body.


Oreo - Owner: Elaine Leong

Crested belongs to one of the short-haired breeds. It comes in different colours and coat patterns.

However, if its crest is pure white in colour and has no white on the rest of its body, it is known as a White Crested or American Crested. If it is a self colour, including its crest, it is known as an English Crested.

English Crested

Shizuka - Owner: Qiao Lin Yap

If it is a self colour, including its crest, it's known as an English Crested. 


Rosti - Owner: Gemina Lee

A Rex has short frizzy or wavy-erected fur that stands all over their body and curly or crimped whiskers.


Cola - Owner: Elaine Leong

The Coronet looks just like the Sheltie with long smooth fur growing towards its back. However, unlike Sheltie, it has a crest on its head. 

Hairless Pigs

Orion - Owner: Gerarddyn A Dde Britto

There are 2 types of hairless guinea pigs, the Baldwin and the Skinny pig. Both breeds are hairless but have some fur on its nose and its paws. They can come in any colours and patterns and have folds of skin on its body and head. However, the difference between Baldwin and Skinny is that the Baldwin is born with fur which falls out when they are 2 months old while the Skinny is born without fur due to its genetic mutation.


Potato - Owner: Clo Gallet

A Sheltie belongs to the long-haired breeds and has smooth silky soft fur growing towards its back. It has no crest or rosette and comes in various colors and patterns. Its fur should never have a part.


A Teddy has short, dense and rough coat of fur. Most of them have very wiry fur though some can have soft fur. Unlike the Rex, its whiskers are straight. It does not have any rosettes on its body. Another unique feature of Teddy is their upturned nose, also called ‘Roman nose’.


Messie - Owner: Wendy Wee

A Merino resembles the Coronet but it has long curly coat. It has a crest on its head evenly between its ears and eyes.


Yau Yau - Owner: Ruby Chan

A Texel is similar to a Sheltie except that its fur is curly instead of straight. The fur should ideally cover the entire body, including the stomach.

American or English short-haired

Ah Bui - Owner: Meng Li

American is a short, smooth- haired breed with no crest or rosette. It comes in various colours and patterns.

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